Finally, cool ENERGY WATER has arrived! 

A brand new and unique energy drink, infused with caffeine and BCAA, that will give you that extra boost of ENERGY!

cool Energy Water stand outs from the rest of the energy drinks out there: not only is it packaged in a environmentally smarter, paper-based package, it also has a twist-off top and it’s non-carbonanted – which makes it perfect to bring with you for a workout or on-the-go in your active every-day life!

Stay hydrated with a delicious, refreshing beverage, while you boost your energy and work-out efficiency with BCAA and caffeine!

The perfect combination of a thirst quenching beverage and energising ingredients!



BCAA, or branched-chained amino acids, which it’s actually called, is a performance-enhancing combination of amino acids, that is popularly used in connection with working out and sports. 

BCAA has documented effect in helping to build muscle and curb muscle fatigue and soreness. 


Caffeine is known for its effect agains fatigue. But did you know that caffeine also has documented effect in helping to speed up reaction time and improve mental function? 

cool ENERGY WATER contains a high caffeine content of 160 mg per carton (500ml) – to give you that kick of caffeine and a boost of energy! 


cool ENERGY WATER comes in 3 refreshingly tasty flavours! 

Mouth-watering Watermelon-mint, with a natural taste of watermelon and a hint of mint! 

Scrumptios Blueberry-lime, with a wonderful taste of blueberry with a twist of lime.

Lucious Honeymelon, with a refreshing taste of juicy honeymelon.


  • Produced in Norway
  • Sugar-free and low in calorie
  • 100% recyclable carton packaging
  • Perfect for working out and an active every-day life
  • High caffeine content (160 mg per carton)
  • Infused with BCAA